Friday, June 11, 2010

World's best Boss

So my boss is a giant Mac geek and I too this year have transformed into one.
I'd say that saving for a long time to get my MacBook, quickly followed by my iPhone purchase was all made worth it today when I took advantage of my BOSSES suggestion... Used my iPhone's tethering feature to get internet access on my Mac at the cottage and worked from here today! Genius! Now, being that the cottage is for relaxing I'll be logged OFF the rest of the weekend! This was just a great way to be away from the office and not have to use up a vacation day.


Suburban Princess said...

Everyone keeps talking about how macs are better...but something that concerns me is there is no restart like on a pc. When something freezes on my laptop I can just reboot and everything is fine. Something froze on my itouch and I had to reset it and lost everything. It went right back to the original settings :O(

Hope you are having a fun weekend!

PS...wouldn't the world's best boss have told you not to work all weekend?

Suburban Princess said...

Oh and in case you are wondering why you might not be getting as many comments as you would like....there is something wrong with the way the word verification is set up - it doesn't scroll so it's almost impossible to enter it to get comments published. You might want to take it off and use moderation or something.

TakingAChanceChick said...

Thanks for letting me know. I've taken off the word verification now, unless i get spammed I'll leave it that way :)

There actually is a way to "reboot" your iTouch and the iPhone, they suggest you do it once a week actually (I learned this in the One to One classes I got when I bought my MacBook). You simply hold down the power button, on the iPhone anyways it's the button on the very top that you use to lock the screen, if you hold it down for a few seconds longer you'll get prompted to confirm you want to power off. This works like a charm!

Marija said...

A recent Mac convert, I am completely and totally hooked. Once I figure out this tethering thing, I'm sure I'll be hooked for life! (I set up moderation for comments over 3 days old to help filter out some spam...good luck!) :)

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