Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Morning Run...

I have so missed Sunday morning running... Yes it's a little early to be up and out by 8:30 on a Sunday morning but it's worth it!
This morning it was raining and only 12, a little chilly for a run in the rain but when you get going ya heat up in no time!
Today was a nice 5km working our way towards 10k in a couple of weeks.

The best part of Sunday running is coffee after! LOL Lets be honest, the reason most of us run is to eat!
Last night I made a delish new recipe from my BFF Martha LOL

I highly recommend this Asparagus, Snap Pea and Avocado Pasta
(click pic to link to recipe)

From Everyday Food, June 2006

I recently got an iPhone (can't tell you how much I love it) and bought the Martha Stewart Everyday Food App.
You get a new recipe every day! You can search on it for any recipe you'd like and can make shopping lists right in the app. You can email the lists, save recipes to a favourites list. It's super handy in the grocery store!

Well enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


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