Monday, June 14, 2010

True Blood...

Here in Canada you have to pay big bucks for some of the fun US channels like HBO. So if you're a little thrifty like me you wait your favourites to come out on DVD and either buy or rent the season all at once. I do love that I can download tv shows pretty inexpensively to iTunes!

Last year I was introduced by friends to True Blood. They owned and lent me season One. Now it's not for the faint at heart and I'd say you have to be fairly opened minded :)
Well Season Two just came out on DVD here in Canada and renting was the way to go! I hate to admit that I watched the entire season in the matter of a week! This season was even more crazy and over the top then the first and yet I couldn't stop watching! I hope this doesn't make you all think I'm a total freak but I willingly admit that I look forward to see what craziness they can come up with for Season Three!

Hope you all had a great weekend. I made an appointment today for a consult with my tattoo artist next week, can't wait to tell you more!


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