Saturday, June 5, 2010

The most fun kind of Mail...

There's something super fun about going to the mailbox, expecting a pile of bills and recycling, I mean flyers, only to find a notice that a parcel has arrived for you! When you weren't expecting one, it's ever better!!!!

To my delight that is what happened to me this morning. After popping out to grab a coffee (yes when there is a Second Cup coffee in your building you tend to get lazy about making it at home), I stopped at the mailbox to see what had piled up while I had been away. This is when I found the ever exciting little white slip of paper letting me know a parcel was waiting for me.
I handed it to the nice man at the front desk and waited patiently. He came back a few moments later and handed me a big envelope that definitely had something fabric inside. I looked at the return address and knew I was in for a treat!

I rushed upstairs and ripped open my surprise. There was a lovely note from N saying she wanted me to remember how "fabulous" I was and to wear this around the house so I wouldn't forget :) It was a cute black t-shirt care of HBO Sex in the City merch that reads "Single and Fabulous" bejewelled with little pink "rhine stones" and a gold martini glass.

Cheers Ladies!!


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