Saturday, June 5, 2010

Green Thumb....never had one...

Back in October of last year I moved into a new condo. The biggest selling feature and best benefit of this new place is the awesome patio! My old place was patio/balcony -less which meant I had no out door space of my own. Well all that has changed now and I couldn't be more excited! Dinner parties and quiet Saturday mornings out here with the birds chirping couldn't be nicer!

I love color and decided that I would make an attempt at keeping some plants alive. You must understand that this is a big feat for me! I killed the cactus that was given to me when I moved in here, I wish I was kidding!

So here is a picture of my summer "garden". I'd like to introduce you to my pansies, tomato, herbs and pretty pink geranium!

Wish me (or should I say them?) Luck!

p.s. don't you love the little green table? I picked it up at an antique show last weekend.


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