Friday, June 4, 2010

Back from the Blog Hiatus

I'm back! Hopefully it hasn't been too long that you have forgotten me!

So this Blog is going to take a topic turn... I'm sure that the dating life will sneak in here and there but for the most part it's just going to be about the fun and adventurous things that go on in my world. The quest of Online dating came to an end after one too many mr.wrongs being "matched" to me. The real life possibility didn't work out but... have no fear, LIFE is AWESOME!

Today I got home from a quick trip to Montreal. There for business, I had my very first POUTINE experience! MAN alive! My local friends took me to a little greasy spoon where you could only pay cash and they gave you more food then you'd need in a day! It was DELISH! I had poutine and two loaded hotdogs (relish, mustard and coleslaw, who knew?!?!) Admittedly I couldn't eat the whole poutine, it was just too much but I gave it a good effort. I'm going to have to detox for a week to get the cheese and grease out of my system... did I mention how excellent it was!

It's been a busy couple of weeks and I'm looking forward to a nice quiet weekend at home. I'm in the process of down loading (from iTunes) Season 1 of Nurse Jackie, I watched an episode on the plane ride home and decided I'd check it out. I'm dying for Season 4 of Dexter to become available here in Canada! Gotta love ShowTime!

One of my latest adventures is getting back into the world of running! I used to run a lot and have done a few half marathons. I live by a strict "if it's not fun, I'm not doing it" policy so I truly run because I enjoy it and have fun doing it. I've joined a 10k clinic through the Running Room and am a week into it so far. I love the group and feel so great to be getting back in the swing of thing. Really my secret is that I run so I can eat ICE CREAM! I recently tried the Mint Areo McFlurry and haven't stopped thinking about getting another one since! LOL

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!


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