Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jaw on the floor.....

Now it's possible by some people's standards I could be considered a prude but I'm okay with that. If the astonishment at the profile I just got "matched" with puts me in the prude category I will wear the label gladly...

Meet Mr.Sex....
The one thing he's most passionate about " I put my heart into what I'm passionate about, I'm passionate about sex..." REALLY?? This is breaking cardinal rule number 1!!! But it gets better... The remainder of his profile (aside from his creepy profile pic) appears like that of a "normal" person. Now this "match" decided to send me a communication request so out of curiosity I thought I'd see what questions he sent me. I find that this is a very telling first impression. You have a list of probably 40 questions to choose from and pick 5 that you'd like to start off with.

(these are the questions he sent me)
Question 1. How do you feel about premarital sex?
Question 2. How would you asses your verbal intimacy skills?
Question 3. Are you a passionate person?
I can't even remember what 4 and 5 were I hit CLOSE MATCH! so quickly...

I am trying not to loose faith that somewhere out there Mr.Right exists I guess I just haven't met him yet....

To give you an idea of the alternate question choices, here are the 5 I usually send when/if in communication with a "match"

Question 1. Your idea of an adventure is:
a. white water rafting
b. karaoke
c. trying a different route to work
d. ordering a dish you've never tried before
Question 2. If you could take a dream getaway for a week where would you go:
a. hawaii
b. paris
c. hiking in the mountains
d. cottage by the sea
Question 3. Which dates sounds the most fun to you?
a. attending a lecture on a topic you enjoy
b. bargain hunting at a flea market
c. going bowling
d. visiting a local comedy club
Question 4. How often do you find yourself laughing?
a. i crack myself up
b. most of the time but am serious when needed
c. most of the time i'm serious but occasionally have a laugh
d. generally i'm a pretty serious person
Question 5. Outside a romantic relation, are you competitive?
a. i'm extremely competitive
b. most of the time i'm pretty competitive
c. on rare occasions i'm competitive
d. i'm never competitive

Staying Hopeful


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