Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How many kids do you want.......WHAT?

All girls know that there are just some things you don't ask on a first date...probably not even for the first month or more. One of those is "So if we get married, how many kids would you want? "

Well I had the pleasure of being asked that question in my VERY FIRST communication with a "Match". I'm sorry but you just don't do that. Can you image in the look on a guys face if over coffee on your first date (or a blind date even) you asked him that. He'd run for the hills screaming!

I have set for myself a few "rules" during the quest of online dating.
#1 Rule: If you wouldn't say it on a first date... it shouldn't be in your profile info and you shouldn't ask/state it in your first few communications with someone. Don't ask me about kids, don't ask me about my favorite sexual positions, don't ask me how much I weigh, etc , etc!


p.s. update on Mr.NoReply....I hit CLOSE MATCH!


lisagh said...

I'm loving this!!!

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