Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's it all about?

So what is one to do when they turn 30 and are still single? Well apparently the answer was to take a chance with online dating...

I have a great life, I have amazing friends, good job, etc but I'd love someone to share it with. At this point I've been on more blind dates then I can count and the resources are running dry. I've been told I'm a very "married" unmarried person! I spend time with my friends and their kids (who I adore), I work, I come home, I go running, spend more time with friends.... not so much into the bar scene and not willing to take up random new hobbies just to try to meet someone. So the next best option was online dating. I'm willing to give it a shot and really put some effort into it.

I picked a reputable company and spent the time filling out my profile as honestly and openly as I could. I've posted a few pictures (I have a theory about this but I'll save that for later) and hope that I have put my best foot forward....

Now the fun begins when you see some of the crazy comments, statements and photos that potential "matches" have entered on their profile! It is these funny and sometimes bizarre things that I read that have inspired me to share them with you. I promise at all times to keep identities completely anonymous, really I couldn't share them even if I wanted to. This is strictly for entertainment value only.

Bizarre Item #1: Hooters Girl Profile Photo.....REALLY???
I wish I were kidding but sadly I'm not. A recent "match" that I received decided to post not one but four photos of himself posed with Hooters Girls. I can't help but scratch my head wondering what he was thinking? He must reazlie that this is being sent to women he hopes to date and not his facebook friends, right? Clearly my reponse was CLOSE MATCH!


lisagh said...

Oooooohhh! This is going to be a fun blog to read. Thanks for sharing your adventures :)

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