Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Most thankful for....SLEEP?

Within a person's profile you list different information about yourself to help people get a sense of who you are. For example things you're passionate about, top three things you're most thankful for, five things you just can't live without...

I think I was "matched" with one of the 7 dwarfs today! Snow White look out Sleepy is cheating on you!

Sleepy's profile reads... The one thing I'm most passionate about is being able to sleep in...3 things most thankful for 1. Getting a lot of sleep 2. My mother doing my laundry 3. Air. It doesn't end there! Top 5 things you can't live without, any guesses what number 1 was? correct, Sleeping in on Saturdays!

I get it people, I love a good Saturday morning sleep in like the rest of you but COME ON! What kind of message are you sending a potential date when you advertise that your favorite hobby/passion is sleeping. That really gives a girl confidence that you're a barrel of fun! At least you could be sure of a good conversation starter..."so , what thread count are your pillow cases?"



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