Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well I'd like to report that things are looking up in the world of "matches" but they seem to be on a slippery slope!
I'm not here to whine and complain though, simply to state an observation.

I got "matched" with another "Mr. Sex" today. I really find it interesting that some people are so blunt about it. Does that fact that you're online suddenly mean all tact goes out the window. I'm at a loss for what to say really. When you get a "must have" from someone (aka second communication ever!) that says "must have a partner that is sexually mature, adventurous and can comfortably express either desires..." REALLY??? again I realize that by some peoples standards I'm a prude, still okay with that but I ask, would you say it on a first date? Didn't think so!

The toper on the cake for this match was his "can't stand someone that is overweight". Don't get me started!



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