Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Friday

It's friday so I thought I would compile a list of random little things that make you go "huh?" for the week :)

Most passionate about....clocks?

Can't live and cheese TOGETHER! yikes

Quote of the day .... "I'm as fun as bubblegum"

The first thing people notice about me...." I work a lot to hit my goals"...or...."that I can hold up good conversations"

Spell check people, come on!

"thru" I think he meant "Through"

"healty" I think he meant "healthy" (not just once but 4 different places spelled incorrectly)

"socer" translated to "soccer" I'm assuming

"laylaty" I believe can be interpreted as "loyalty" O and A are on opposite ends of the keyboard!

(as a person that relies very heavily on spell check, I promise never to close a match for poor spelling alone!)


lisagh said...

Is it horrible to say I don't think I could be with someone who's a perpetually poor speller? The silly things that are deal breakers...

TakingAChanceChick said...

I totally agree! I'm sorry but there is just something about someone who can't spell and hasn't figured out how to spell check! My other issue is when someone can't put a sentence together, it's really not that hard :)

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