Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reply Etiquette

No really over the top profile's to share with you today, saving a couple in my back pocket for a future post. So instead I pose a question, How long is too long to wait for a reply?

Let's put it into context. Someone initiates communication with you. You go back and forth through the first few stages of "guided" communication and are now in the wide open world of email. They send you a message which you cheerfully reply to at some point within 24 hours or so. If you reply right away you might look too eager or desperate but within a day seems polite, no? Great, you hit send and now you wait......and wait......and wait..... 5 reply...

Now I totally understand that maybe that person isn't interested, maybe you've said something completely ridiculous...Hopefully a pleasant "hope you had a great weekend, did you do anything fun ?" Doesn't count as ridiculous or offence but you never know.

It will be interesting to see if a reply comes and when. Maybe they will hit the infamous CLOSE MATCH button.... It seems important to keep perspective when deciding to take a chance in this online world of dating. Here's a few things to keep in mind while working your way through this mine field of potential husbands and totally mr.wrongs:
  1. You're not the only one getting sent new matches each day

  2. He's probably talking to someone else at the same time as he's talking to you

  3. Be patient

  4. Don't sell yourself short or settle

  5. If it's not this guy, there will be another

  6. IT ONLY TAKES ONE GOOD ONE to make it all worth it!


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