Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Has it really been more then a week....

Well it's been a fun few days away from the computer. I had the most beautiful time at the cottage! We have not had weather so hot and sunny there in several summers! The days pretty much went like this :

* wake up
* go for a run
* jump in the lake
* drink coffee
* sit at the beach
* jump in the lake
* some more sitting at the beach
* more jumping in the lake
* nap
* play cards
* eat a lot of food
* drink wine
* camp fire
* sleep

The heat wave continues here, I was supposed to run tonight but it's just way too hot! 43 with humidity is just crazy! I'm not complaining though, we'd be upset if it was cold.

I'm happy to report that my tomatoes are still kicking despite this heat! The plant is now almost as tall as I am!! I'll try to remember to take a pic soon.


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